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Astra Dot Sandpapers: Velcro

The main feature of Astra Dot sandpaper is its backing which is incorporated as one piece to form a pre-determined pattern structure. This:

  • prevents loading
  • reduces heat generation
  • requires lighter sanding pressure
  • gives longer sanding life

This abrasive has been designed to meet the requirements of power/electric tool applications.

Astra Dot lasts four to six times longer than other good sandpapers, meaning that although it is initially expensive, it lasts so long that overall costs are reduced relative to the cheapest papers on the market. It allows one to use new techniques to reduce the amount of time sanding, while acheiving gallery-quality results.

Just what is this new ceramic grit?  It is definitely not your grannies’ ground up tea pot. It is sometimes described as ceramic aluminium. It is a micro-crystalline grain, which means that each grain is made up of many crystals so fine they can only be seen under a microscope. By comparison, aluminium oxide is mono-crystalline, or is one big chunk.  It fractures, which is what keeps sandpaper sharp, but it only has one new edge as opposed to the ceramic gain which produces dozens of new edges.

Courtesy of Bill Neddow. Published in Creative Wood, 2011. 

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