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Woodcut Bowl Gouges Un Handled

Available in  10mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 

The big difference with the gouges is the fact that they have replaceable tips and solid shafts.

The benefits are:

  • the tools are stiffer with almost no flexing especially with the smaller diameter gouges
  • made from high grade Swedish high speed steel
  • the length of the gouge stays the same
  • the tips are triple tempered thus taking a very keen edge
  • tips can be replaced for a third of the cost of an equivalent standard gouge
  • they are available handled or un-handled
  • un-handled tools are supplied with a heavy duty brass ferrule
  • they are sharpened and ready to use
  • the flutes are finely ground and then polished by hand
  • a round shaft is more comfortable in the hand than one with a flute
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