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Greetings from Timberly! As many of you will know, I'm Terry Scott and I'm the owner & operator of Timberly Woodturning, where I sell woodturning tools and other products. I also create and sell one-of-a-kind handcrafted creations made from NZ wood on my other website www.timberly.co.nz

As a Woodturner, I fully understand the difficulty of knowing what gear to purchase when you are starting out, or what is needed to progress in the never-ending 'learning turning' journey.

Many tool manufacturers are now sending me tools to try on a constant basis. I will test them and give 100% honest feedback and suggestions for improvement if they are needed. Be assured that I only sell products that I have used myself and that have stood up to my rigorous turning approach.

I am only too happy to share the knowledge that I have learned, so give me a call on +649 297 7051. You can also contact me at terry@timberly.co.nz.

About the Artist                                                                 

Being a born and bred New Zealander, I have been exposed from birth to the awesome beauty of mother nature that all Kiwis freely enjoy. The amazing changing landscapes of this country and the diverse range of timbers available continue to inspire my woodturning.
Such an environment fosters my innate passion and lifelong commitment to all things showcasing NZ wood. In recent years my work has evolved and my creations can now be viewed in terms of wood art. I am honoured to have many such pieces residing in notable collections worldwide.

It has been said there is a high degree of skill and finesse in my work, yet the end result often appears light and free-flowing. These qualities invite the viewer in and allow one's eye to play, while the mind is left to wander and be inspired. I have travelled the woodturning world for the last ten years and mixed with many of the world's best turners learning new techniques which I have gone on to further develop and incorporate into my art. These techniques include carving, texturing, colouring and the study of correct form. I delight in stretching the boundaries of convention as can be seen in my winged vessel collection. A desire for innovation can be seen in my multi-axis, off centre, out-of-balance works.

As a result of many years perfecting my craft, I have discovered that I gain great satisfaction from interacting and teaching. I have tutored at symposiums internationally in America, Australia, and extensively throughout New Zealand. In 2011 I was invited to demonstrate in Norway, England, and Europe as an international guest demonstrator.

Additionally, my works have featured numerous times in woodturning books and magazines, and I am a regular contributor of articles for international woodturning publications.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity with you, thus inspiring you to grow and further develop your woodturning passion. Examples of my work can be seen on my website. (www.timberly.co.nz)

See Profile in The English Woodturner by Tegan Foley


From Beginner to advanced.

Tuition is available through the South Auckland Woodturners - Aoraki Training Scheme, refer to www.sawg.org.nz.
Alternatively, you are welcome in my workshop for a one on one hands on learning experience at Hunua Road, Papakura.

Demonstrations of Note:

Demonstrator at the Utah Woodturning Symposium 2004 BYU University Utah USA
Demonstrator at the New Zealand Woodturning Symposium, Christchurch, 2006
Demonstrator at Turnfest Brisbane Australia, 2007
Demonstrator at the Utah Woodturning Symposium, 2007
Demonstrator at the New Zealand Woodcraft Symposium Hastings, 2007
Demonstartor  Working with wood shows held in Austrialia, 2007 to 2011
Demonstrator on the Woodturning Cruise  Norway, 2011


 July 9, 2006
"To whom it may concern.
 It is with pleasure that I recommend Terry Scott as a competent and talented
 turner / demonstrator. 
 I had heard of Terry’s abilities so I invited him to be guest demonstrator at a        
 “Learn and Turn” weekend in Harihari, South Westland. On the Friday night Terry
 was standing with tools in hand waiting for us to assemble the DVRxp. Come 
 Sunday afternoon we had to unplug the power so we could pack up and return
 home. His skill with the tools and his entertaining way made for a most enjoyable
weekend. You won’t be disappointed."

"Bruce Irvine Secretary to the National Association of
Woodworkers NZ Inc. New Zealand


To whom it may concern,
"The N.Z. National School of Woodturning, and the attached Woodturning Shop, holds
an annual get together / demonstration day for woodturners in the bottom of North Island, 
(though we get attendees from as far afield as Auckland and south Island as well!) 
 This year we had Stephen Hughes come over and along side Stephen we asked Terry 
Scott to be our other main demonstrator. I had known Terry from his attendance at other 
woodturning events around the country, and seen him perform as a demonstrator at the 
National Symposium in Christchurch last year. When we look for demonstrators we are 
looking for two main characteristics;
A track record of a standard of work that is excellent, interesting, inspiring and different. 
The ability to connect with the audience and to get the message across. 
If they can entertain as well, then that is an added bonus, but never one of our main focuses. 
I can tell you that Terry delivers on both of those fronts. (and the third !)
The audiences love him, he gets the message across in a way that the viewers relate to 
and they are always inspired by the ease with which he produces some of the amazing results that 
he gets. I have never understood how his work is so eclectic, but it is and the common thread 
connecting it all is always his stamp of uncompromising excellence in everything he turns. We have 
worked with all sorts of demonstrators and tutors over the years and of course in that time we have 
had our fair share of ‘Prima Donas’, but Terry is definitely not one of them.  He is one of the 
easiest going, least demanding, and generally nicest guys that we have had here at the school 
since Graeme Priddle!"

Jim Lowe - The Woodturming shop Pararaparaumu