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Wood-Cut Negative Rake Shear Scraper Handled OUT OF STOCK

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Product Description


 Wood-Cut Negative Rake Shear Scraper Handled  limited stock  This Item has now been discontinued  and we will now be stocking the Glen Lucas Negative rake scraper by Glenn Lucas Glenn Lucas Signature Hamlet Tools  

Also available unhandled with round tang so it fits into your collated Flexi handle    

I have visited Australia many times as a demonstrator and to attend woodturning events. I was taught how to shear scrape by the masters in this field.

Many have seen how cleanly I can know cut with this technique and are amazed

To sharpen I recommend using a Wood-Cut sturdy rest or a firm rest on the grinder rotate in a sweeping motion


Courtesy of Steven Russell www.woodturningvideos.com

One of the most useful techniques you will ever learn as a woodturner is shear scraping. Often confused with traditional scraping (which is a totally different technique), shear scraping is a woodturner's best friend. It's your go-to technique for fairing the curves on your projects, eliminating torn grain and refining the surface prior to sanding.

Shear scraping is one of the simplest and easiest ways to clean up tear out and bruised grain areas on your woodturnings, instead of using your 60-grit gouge. Shear scraping is an elegant process that sweetens the surface and reduces the total amount of sanding required on your projects. Although it's used primarily with bowls, platters and hollow forms, shear scraping can also be adapted to certain spindle turning projects.

Traditional vs. Shear Scraping

Shear scraping is vastly different technique from traditional scraping. Although the tools used for shear scraping may be the same as those used for traditional scraping, the way the tools are held and used is very different. One of the great advantages of shear scraping is the ability to move in either direction, with or against the grain. When used properly, the resulting shear scraped surface is equivalent to a 320-grit surface.

This allows you to eliminate labor intensive sanding with course abrasive papers, saving you time and money. You can shear scrape a surface to 320-grit faster than you can sand it from 80-grit to 320-grit. Another benefit of shear scraping is that it can be performed with several different types of tools, including Irish ground bowl gouges, traditionally ground scrapers, skewed scrapers and dedicated shear scrapers.

Benefits of Shear Scraping

A Lot Less Sanding! – Shear scraping, when properly done, is capable of producing a surface that can be sanded starting with 240, or even 320-grit abrasives. Yes, you read that right. It’s much easier and faster to shear scrape to 320-grit than to start at 60, or 80-grit and work your way up to a 320-grit surface. Of course, you will probably sand higher than 320-grit on your projects, so shear scraping will not totally eliminate sanding, but it can substantially reduce your overall sanding on a project.

On some areas on your project, you might not be able to shear scrape due to size limitations, or proximity to adjacent design elements. Even so, you'll be better off shear scraping the areas that you can and sanding the rest of the areas in the traditional fashion.

Damage Repair – Shear scraping is one of the best ways to remove torn, or bruised grain areas on your project prior to sanding. Yes, you could just whip out your trusty 60-grit gouge and have a go at these problem areas but let's face it; few things in woodturning are as universally disliked as sanding. Most of us will do almost anything to sand less, if we can achieve the same surface quality by some other means.

Fairing The Curve – Shear scraping is the fastest and most efficient way to make subtle changes in the profile of your project, without making another bevel rubbing pass with your gouge. If you have a small flat spot on a curve, or perhaps a full curve, you can easily shear

scrape the curve into the correct shape. This saves timber (vs. making another pass with your bowl gouge) and it allows the correction to be made in the specific area that needs adjusting. If necessary, the overall profile can then be blended into one harmonious curve.

Less Heat - Shear scraping is a more elegant process than sanding, producing substantially less heat on the surface of the wood. If you are working with any of the newer alternative materials or with heat sensitive exotic woods, the reduction in heat on the surface achieved through shear scraping can be an important consideration.

Additional Tips for Shear Scraping

  • Your tool must be freshly sharpened, straight off the grinder wheel before shear scraping. Some turners prefer to hone the edge, removing the burr before shear scraping, but this is not necessary to achieve excellent results.
  • Once you have made a few strokes on your project, stop and resharpen your cutting edge. Just like with traditional scrapers, the cutting edge on a shear scraper will not last very long.
  • The optimum angle to remove the wood fibers is 45 – 50 degrees, up to about 55 degrees. Be sure to orient the tool’s cutting edge to achieve this optimum shear angle.

Final Thoughts

Learning the proper techniques of shear scraping is not very difficult, just remember the basic set-up and keep your tools sharp. Once you become proficient at shear scraping, it will become one of the most valuable tools in your skills "toolbox." Both green and dry wood can be shear scraped with excellent results. If you are just learning to shear scrape, practice on some rough blanks, or on your green wood rough outs. It takes a bit of practice, but your efforts will pay you big dividends for many years to come.

With a bit of practice you can get shavings coming off the tool you can see through

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