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End Grain Sealer/ Log Shield18 litre 18kg Bulk

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Log Sheild:
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Product Description

Log-Shield End Grain Sealer   18l 18kg

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What is it?
It's a wax emulsion for sealing the ends of timber, logs etc. It can go on green or dry timber and helps reduce end cracking. Log Shield takes over from the old Mobil CerM which is no longer available.

Wax Emulsion Sealer Overview:

Few surface coating products have been as beneficial to wood turners trying to successfully season green timber, as modern wax emulsion sealers. These sealers are specifically formulated to control the rate of moisture loss in green timber by forming a durable wax membrane between the exposed end/side grain and the surrounding ambient atmosphere.
The goal is not to prevent moisture from moving through the wax coating, but instead to slow the rate of moisture evaporation, thereby reducing drying defects like end grain checking and warping.



Wax emulsions must be applied as soon as the log is cut for maximum protection. Application of the sealer to dried log surfaces will reduce the overall protection level achieved and may not stop the continued progression of any existing surface checks.


Log Shield is a microcrystalline wax-based coating. It contains microcrystalline wax, water and a surfactant it is also milky-white in appearance. Non-staining
The inside and outside end grain portions of these bowls were first wet-turned from Ancient Kauri then treated with log shield my success rate of usable bowls went from 30% to 88%
Many joiners, and milling operations use this product.


More information 

 Non-Toxic   Non-Flammable Non-hazardous Because of its appearance (looks like milk) Keep out of reach of Children.


Log-Shield, is an effective and easy to use preventative against end checking in green logs or sawn timber or Woodturning blanks. Wet turning of bowls benefits greatly from applying this product with the loss rate reduced by up to 75%.The exceptionally low water permeability of Log-Shield ensures that timber especially hardwoods dry evenly.by stopping excessive moisture loss from the end grain.Once applied. Log- shield quickly dries clear to a waxy finish.

The key Features of Log-Shield are:

Protects against end checking.

Easy to apply by spray or bush

Exceptionally low water permeability

Dries Clear

Application Details.

Brush the end grain free of any loose surface material prior to application.

Liberally apply a single coat of Log-Shield to the end grain, or on wet turned bowls cover the outside and 50 mm down the inside.

Log-Shield can be applied by air and airless spraying, roller or brush.

 For large applications i.e. Hardwood decking make up a bath with a polythene sheet in a box and dunk into the product.

Thinning, if required, may be achieved by thorough stirring.

Water should not be added as this will reduce the effectiveness of Log-Shield.


One Litre of product, when applied as directed, will cover approximately 6sq. m with one coat, depending on the dryness and porosity of the end grain.

Clean Up:


Clean all equipment and spills with warm water before Log-Shield dries and hardens.

Drying time:

When applies at 25C and 50% humidity Log-Shield will be touch dry in 10-30mins. For colder or more humid conditions, longer times can be expected.

Log-Shield has a shelf life of twelve months when stored under cover.

Product stored for any length of time should be agitated before use either in a mixing vessel or by rolling the container around for a few minutes.

First Aid

If Swallowed

Rinse Mouth. Do not induce vomiting. Call a Poison center or contact your local doctor if you feel unwell.

If in eyes

Rinse cautiously with water for 15mins. Continue rinsing if eye irritation persists. Get medical advice /attention

If on Skin or hair

Remove/take of immediately remove contaminated clothing before reuse. Wash with plenty of warm water and soap, If Skin irritation or swelling occurs: get medical advice /attention

Non-Flammable Non-hazardous Because of its appearance (looks like milk) Keep out of reach of Children. National Poisons centre 0800764766  nz
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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