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Soren Berger Tools and Calipers

The Berger Tool, designed by Soren Berger, a professional woodturner from New Zealand, is perfect for hollowing into end grain or cutting face grain. This tool is very useful when making small boxes, being able to make a flat box bottom cut with a 90 degree inside angle.
The Berger Tool cutter is made of 5/16" diameter high speed steel with an angled cut across it with a bevel ground on the left side that extends around the end of the tool. This produces a small hook near the end that makes a heavy cut possible without clogging.
The tool is sharpened with a diamond hone, or  as necessary on a grinder using the optional Berger Sharpening. The cutter comes glued into a 7/16" diameter shank ready to fit with a handle of the users choice.. The cutter can be removed by heating the tool shank. Overall shank length is 11". Instructions are included with the Berger Tool.soren-shaft-a.jpg

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