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Kutzall Hand Files/Rasps


Kutzall Hand Rasps are engineered to be the ultimate man-powered, hand-shaping instrument. These unique tools strike a fascinating balance between the shaping and smoothing function of a conventional file and the aggressive stock removal of a wood rasp. In addition, their construction makes them effective on materials like composites and soft stone, on which conventional steel-toothed files and rasps may work poorly, or provide only a short working life.

Each rasp is made with a rugged and long-lasting tungsten-carbide coating. This  provides you with the choice of extremely long lasting file/ rasps which are optimized for either the most effortless material removal, or a balance of material removal and durability on very punishing applications. Kutzall Rasps will stay sharp, project after project, and do things that other rasps just can’t do.

  • Long-lasting! Carbide coating outlasts standard rasps many times over.

  • Handy! Multi-directional cutting action; great for confined spaces.

  • Versatile! Use on wood, plaster & wallboard, fiberglass & other composites, pattern-making materials, rubber & polyurethane, sand cores, soft stone, masonite & more.

  • Comfortable to use! Integral soft grip handle for ergonomic comfort.

  • Many applications! Wood carving, stone carving, remodeling, boat repair, pattern shops, foundries; opportunities are endless.

    Two unique coating solutions to fit your application.

  • Available in 6” and 8” sizes.

  • Come in three popular shapes; Flat, Half-Round, and Warding.

  • Both coarse & fine grades available.

    Kutzall Files are not recommended for use on metals.

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